Mastermind GT Replacement Small LCD Display (mid-2019+)

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  • Mastermind GT Replacement Small LCD Display (mid-2019+)
  • This picture shows what a newer Mastermind GT circuit board looks like. Note the brown ribbon cables that wrap around the board from the front to the back. Older GTs do not have these ribbon cables.


This is a replacement LCD display for the small displays over each footswitch in the Mastermind GT.

Please note, this is for Mastermind GTs made in mid 2019 or later. If the age of your GT is unknown, you can confirm by opening it up. If the LCDs have long brown ribbon cables that connect them to the circuit board, then this display will work as a replacement for your GT. Older GTs have different LCDs that are very difficult to replace individually. It's best to replace the entire row of LCDs in that case. Contact us for details.

Please note that replacement requires some soldering and desoldering skills. The LCD has four large solder pins that connect it to the circuit board, in addition to the ribbon cable (which is not soldered).


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