Micro Line Mixer

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  • Micro Line Mixer
  • Micro Line Mixer
  • Micro Line Mixer
  • Micro Line Mixer



The Micro Line Mixer is a 4 input stereo mixer that’s small enough to fit on a pedalboard. It’s ideal for creating parallel or wet/dry/wet guitar rigs, or for any place audio signals need to be combined.

The Micro Line Mixer is a simple product with many applications. It combines up to 4 incoming mono or stereo audio signals into one, which makes it useful for many purposes, for example:

  • Creating a parallel effect system
  • Creating a Wet/Dry/Wet effect system
  • Mixing multiple audio sources such as synthesizers, preamp outputs, etc.
 Features include:
  • A "dry" input that can be configured for mono or stereo input, mono or stereo output
  • 3 "wet" inputs that are stereo (but compatible with mono signals)
  • 1 output that's a buffered version of the dry input signal
  • 1 output that contains all 4 inputs, mixed down together
  • 1 level control for the dry input
  • 1 level control that controls all of the wet inputs together

The Micro Line Mixer requires a 9-24VDC center negative (Boss-type) power supply, with 50mA or more of current capacity


More information, including full specifications and wiring diagrams for example applications, can be found on the the RJM Music website 
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