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  • MultiBox top view
  • MultiBox left side view showing 2 DIN MIDI jacks and 2 TRS MIDI jacks
  • MultiBox right side view showing 2 DIN MIDI jacks, 2 TRS MIDI jacks and power LED
  • MultiBox rear view showing power jack



The MultiBox is designed to be a multi-purpose problem solver in MIDI systems. It can be used for any of these purposes, most of them at the same time:

  • MIDI Thru Box – splits one incoming MIDI signal to multiple outputs (up to three standard 5-pin MIDI outputs)
  • TRS MIDI Converter – converts standard 5-pin MIDI to TRS MIDI for use with devices that require it
  • Phantom Power Adapter – combines a 5-pin MIDI connection with AC or DC power and routes them to a 7-pin MIDI connection. This can be used to phantom power a compatible MIDI controller
  • Bidirectional MIDI Converter – splits a bidirectional MIDI connection into separate MIDI input and output jacks, or combines a MIDI input and output connection into a bidirectional MIDI connection

Typical Uses

  • Use as a MIDI splitter to split the output of a MIDI controller to multiple devices, both standard 5-pin MIDI and TRS MIDI.
  • Put in a rack with an Axe-Fx or Kemper Profiler, and it will combine MIDI In, MIDI Out and power connections into a single 7-pin MIDI cable to go to the MIDI controller.

PLEASE NOTE: The MultiBox does not include a power supply. It can be powered by any standard 9 volt BOSS type power supply, or multi output pedal power supply. We also offer a compatible AC adapter separately.

More information can be found on the MultiBox page of our main website.

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