Replacement footswitch for Carol-Ann amps (5 button)

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This footswitch is a replacement for Carol-Ann amplifiers. This 5-button model works with any Carol-Ann amp that originally had a 4 or 5 button footswitch and has a 3-pin XLR footswitch jack. It isn't compatible with any other brand of amp.

The footswitch can switch between 3 channels (A, B and C) and can turn the lead boost on and off. When used with an amp that originally came with a 5-button footswitch, the EFX button will control the amp's effect loop.

PLEASE NOTE: These footswitches are made by hand, one at a time. There may be a 1 to 2 week delay before your order is shipped.


When used with an amp that has a switchable effect loop, this footswitch can be programmed to automatically turn the loop on when one or more channels are selected, or when the lead boost is selected. This can be set up following these instructions.


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