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  • Overture - Programmable Overdrive Pedal - Front View
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  • Overture - Programmable Overdrive Pedal - Front View
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NEW Run of Overtures are now in stock and shipping!

The Overture takes six great classic and modern overdrive tones and puts them all into one fully programmable pedal  Create up to 8 presets with your favorite settings and recall them with the press of a button.

You get six overdrive modes, four based on classic pedals and two that are brand new. An additional pre-boost circuit can also be switched in to boost the input of any of the overdrive modes, with up to 12dB of additional gain.

High quality components are used throughout the Overture, and the incoming 9 volt power supply is boosted internally to 18 volts for the best performance from the circuit. This makes the Overture very dynamic and "big" sounding.

If you use MIDI, you can get even more from the Overture. You can access up to 100 presets and use an external controller to adjust parameters on the fly. There is special support for MIDI controllers with expression pedals - you can easily set up knob settings for the "heel down" and "toe down" positions of the pedal and the Overture will smoothly transition between those settings as you move the pedal.

9VDC power supply required, but not included. Power supply needs to have 150mA current capacity or more, BOSS-stye barrel connector with center negative polarity.

More details and full specifications are available on our main website.


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6 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Tim Wigginton on Jan 6th 2022

    Right out of the box this pedal made me smile, didn’t have to tweak anything to find a good tone. I’m sure I have a lot to learn but I’m certain I will enjoy the journey!

  • 5

    Posted by DJB on Aug 5th 2021

    I am truly impressed by the Overture. 100% analog path with MIDI is what made this a no brainer purchase for me. I can't wait to gig with it!

    This is the last overdrive pedal you will buy. :)

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    RJM Overture

    Posted by Dan on Jul 27th 2021

    If you are looking for a quick assessment of this pedal after the first few hours of play time with it, in short it is fantastic. Read on for more details about my experience.

    I took it out of the box, did not change any settings, just plugged it in and played it with a Les Paul Traditional ('57 Classics in it) and a Fender Am Deluxe (N4 Noiseless in it with S1 switch) into three different amps - a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 and H&K Tubemeister 18. Each of the amps reacted differently to the pedal, and all were very usable sounds, which tells me that the circuits in this pedal have been very meticulously designed and tested by guitar players and sound geeks just like me.

    Every single drive voicing in this pedal has several useful applications, and I have yet to find an unusable sound in this pedal yet. I consider myself a bit of a pedal junkie and this pedal has replaced several "never going to leave my board" pedals - including a D&M Drive, TS9, and a Diamond Compressor.

    I am using my RJM Overture with a Boss ES8 switching system, which is MIDI capable and this opens the pedal up to even more options. I know RJM has a fantastic switcher lineup of their own that I have never tried but if it is as simple as the RJM is to use, it may be a future consideration to replace the BOSS ES8 as the ES8 is a bit of a workout to figure out how to use. Using MIDI with this pedal and a good switcher means you can preset the pedal to how you like it, save the presets, and recall them in an instant by clicking one button on the switcher. This basically means you can have somewhere in the vicinity of 100 different analog drive sounds with this one pedal - which to my knowledge, is not found anywhere else, and certainly not at this level of quality and craftsmanship.

    My favorite drive so far is the Smooth drive option. It is touch sensitive and reacts very well to the guitar and pickups when volume is rolled off or back to hit the pedal harder. Into an amp set just before breakup with the guitar set to 50% volume, and you get yourself a tone monster that will take you from nice subtle, clean breakup to a thick and saturated drive that is perfect for blues bordering on hard rock. If you hit the pedal with a Klon-style pedal, you get a whole new flavor and I think this combination would be more than enough for any gig to be successful. Speaking of Klon, boosting any of the drives with a Klon gives a wonderful stacked gain sound that is so versatile and usable, it really is a "hear it to believe it" kind of sound.

    All in all, I love this pedal. It does everything RJM says it does, and so much more than could be covered in one review or a youtube demo video.

    Thanks RJM, this pedal is awesome.

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    Posted by Jerry Espada on Apr 13th 2021

    Amazing pedal, very versatile. It can be bery transparent if you want, very easy to dial in.

    I only wish I could copy one present into other or that the solo switch would boost the preset intead of changing to a different patch.

    a red light changes to green when you change a knob, but if you turn it back to where it was, it won't turn red again, meaning that you cannot tell where the knob was if you dailed that sound a a week ago.

    but overall, I'm very satistied with the tone and fexlibility that pedal offers.

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